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Flying Side kick with student ( Allan Mc
Master Chris Howes 7th Dan
Mrs. Sonya Howes 6th Dan
Instructor and Examinor

Master Chris Howes is a certified 7th Degree Black graded to the rank of Master by First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha (FGMR) in June of 2023. Master Howes has spent his entire life training in the traditional style of Taekwon-Do and has had the tremendous privilege of being a personal assistant to Grandmaster Choi, Jung Hwa, the son of the founder of the art of Taekwon-Do for several years and attended him at Seminars around the world, including Moscow, Russia, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, Bochum, Germany and Buenos Ares, Argentina. Master Howes has also been featured on the International Taekwon-Do Federation (ITF) Master's Class DVD featuring many prominent instructors of Taekwon-Do and has had the pleasure to train under such Pioneers of the Martial Arts as General Choi Hong Hi himself, the founder of Taekwon-Do, First Grand Master Rhee Ki Ha (FGMR), Grand Master Kong Young Il, Grand Master Park Jong Soo, Grand Master CK Choi, and Grandmaster C.S Lim. Master Howes also served a tenure as the Head Coach for the Canadian ITF Taekwon-Do Team for both the 2004 World Championships held in Daejon, South Korea and in 2006 in Geelong, Australia. Master and Mrs. Howes attended the World Cup in Italy in 2007 with a Delegation consisting of exclusively their students. Master Howes oversees all promotions for the Lightning Taekwon-Do club.

Instructor and Examinor

Mrs. Sonya Howes is a certified 6th Degree Black Belt and has been training for all of her adult life. Mrs. Howes showed a flair for the martial arts from the moment she began training, reaching her Black Belt level early in her career, she was quickly named to the International Taekwon-Do Federation Canadian Team and went on to compete at the World Championships in Daejon, South Korea with her husband, Mr. Howes as her coach where she received numerous medals in all divisions, with the highlight being a Silver Medal in the Womens Black Belt Patterns Division. Mrs. Howes also competed in the World Cup in Italy where she took the Silver Medal in Womens Patterns as well as acting as coach to her and Mr. Howes' students. Sonya has also been the driving force in the clubs fitness training component. developing her own Kickboxing style workout which has been a tremendous success with many men and women over the years as well as producing and releasing her own Fitness DVD in 2006 entitiled "Howes Heartpumper"; a Taekwon-Do style aerobic workout featuring Sonya and several of her top aerobic students. Sonya handles the day to day administration of the club and teaches Taekwon-Do classes alongside her husband.

Master and Mrs. Howes and their three children

Master Howes and Mrs. Howes receiving their promotions to 7th and 6th Degree from First Grandmaster Rhee Ki Ha (FGMR)

Mr. & Mrs Howes at the 2004 World ITF Taekwon-Do Championships

Daejon South Korea


Mr. Howes at the 2006 World ITF Junior Taekwon-Do Championships

Geelong Australia

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All Classes are instructed by Master Howes & Mrs. Howes
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